Top 9 The Best Beyblade Ever – Buying Guide 2021


Last updated on February 27th, 2021

Do you have a little one at your home who is fond of beyblades? Are you looking for the best beyblade ever to gift it on his 12th birthday? we have made it easier for you by selecting these 9 best beyblades.

All of these are selected on the basis of best features including; strength, agility, speed, and performance.

Have a look and choose one for your kid and let him know he is special for you! We’ll let you know what is the Best Beyblade. If you’re wondering what a Beyblade is, how kids play with them, what the different types are, and what the differences are in designs—no worries, we’ve answered all of those questions for you today in detail. You’ll know everything you need to know about picking the best Beyblade in the world for the child you love by the end of this article. You can cross this gift off your to-do list.

Image Name Price
Takaratomy Beyblade Burst Check Price
Takara Tomy BD145DS Beyblades Check Price
Beyblades #BB113 JAPANESE Metal Fusion  Check Price
Takara Tomy B-73 Beyblade Burst Check Price
Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-48  Check Price
Takara Tomy Beyblade BB-118 Check Price
TakaraTomy (Japan) 4D Metal Fusion Death Check Price
Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-149 GT Triple Check Price
Poohjoy 130W2D Fight Master Metal Check Price

What is a Beyblade?

Originally part of Explosive Shoot Beyblade, a Japanese manga created to promote sales of the popular children’s toy, and later a self-titled anime series—Beyblades are spinning top toys. The name ‘Beyblade’ comes from the Japanese word for spinning tops, Beigoma.

Beyblades were first developed by the Japanese company Takara and released on the Japanese market in 1999. In 2006, Takara merged with Tommy, forming Takara Tommy, who now develops Beyblade toys.

Under Takara license, in 2002, Hasbro began international Beyblade sales. They accomplished this by launching the anime television series and the toys in one country at a time.

How to play Beyblade?


A game of Beyblade takes place in an arena named a Beystadium. It’s a clear, plastic tub of sorts and can feature different characteristics based on its purpose. Hasbro and Takura Tommy sell Beystadiums.

You use a Beyblade Launcher to send launch your Beyblade into the Beystadium for battle.

International markets manufacture and release Beysadiums more realistic to those featured in the manga series, Explosive Shoot Beyblade—with holes for launching into and openings in the walls.

Conversely, Hasbro has taken creative license with their Beystadiums and sells them with ring-out pockets and higher walls.

Some standard features frequently found in all kinds of different Beystadiums include cyclone points and cyclone ridges.

Cyclone points are discs sunken into the Beystadium floor. These discs spin and cause Beyblades to react in an unexpected, random way. Cyclone ridges give an advantage to Attack type Beyblades—the ability to move about swiftly without knocking themselves out.

Other features of Beystadiums are more specific to their installation of Beyblade and their design purpose. For example, the Beystadium for Beyblade Burst Rise is a HyperSphere stadium, explicitly built for HyperSphere Beyblades.

Similarly, the Beystadium for Beyblade Burst: Turbo has outer rail portions specifically meant to pull SlingShock Beyblades around the perimeter of the Beystadium and shoot them in a straight line like a slingshot.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all just casual gameplay; shooting spinning top toys with no real purpose. Takara released specific rules for playing Beyblade with the original game in 1999. A scoring system released later with Metal Fight Beyblade.

Beyblade requires at least two players. Each player must select one to three Beyblades to use during the round of battle but may not substitute out different Beyblade selections or other parts once the battle has begun.

Players win points based on how they knock out the Beyblades of their opponent(s). We’ve outlined the points system below:

  • Move: Survivor
    Points: 1
    Description: Your opponent’s Beyblade stops spinning.
  • Move: Ring Out
    Points: 1
    Description: You knock one opponent’s Beyblade into a pocket or knock it out of the Beystadium.
    If both players’ Beyblades “Ring Out” at the same time during a two-player game, no points get awarded.
  • Move: Burst Finish
    Points: 2
    Description: Your opponent’s Beyblade “bursts” during the battle.

What are the different types of the best Beyblades?

There are four types of Beyblades, while three of them are the main types. The main three types of Beyblades are Defense, Attack, and Stamina.

Think of the strengths and weaknesses of the main three like a game of rock-paper-scissors. The fourth type, Balance, can win or lose to any other type depending on the parts installed on the Beyblade.

Let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each Beyblade type:


Defense type Beyblades are great at fending off attacks; they have fortification against your opponent’s onslaught.


  • Move slowly
  • Are heavy


  • Launch slowly
  • Less stamina
  • Stamina type Beyblades


These are offensive playing Beyblades; they mount aggressive strikes against your opponents.


  • Knock out other Beyblades quickly


  • Less stamina
  • Defense type Beyblades


Stamina type Beyblades are endurance masters. They last through the battle with vigor and resilience.


  • Maximum stamina


  • Less power
  • Attack type Beyblades


Balance type Beyblades are the Jack of All Trades; they are a combination of all the other types.


  • Equal but limited attack and defense


  • No strong strengths
  • Less stamina
  • Stamina type Beyblades

What is the difference between the best Beyblade designs?

Basic System

The design of the first installation of the best Beyblades is known as the Basic System. Comprised of four main parts, Basic System Beyblades are primarily plastic. One of the only parts of Basic System Beyblades that are not plastic are the Weight Disks.

The four main parts of a Basic System Beyblade are a Blade Base, a Weight Disk, an Attack Ring, and a Gachi Chip. Let’s briefly discuss the function of each part.

The Blade Base establishes the spinning activity of the Beyblade and also controls its movements and directional patterns.

The Weight Disk is a disk made of metal that gives the Beyblade its weight. Each Weight Disk will weigh differently depending on the type of Beyblade it is.

The Attack Ring is the Beyblade part that comes in contact first with opponent Beyblades during battle. The Attack Ring determines the attack the Beyblade will mount against opponent Beyblades when they come into contact in the Beystadium.

The Gachi Chip is mainly for decorative purposes; it is a plate in the super ring with the icon of a mythical creature stamped onto it. This feature is included in Basic System Beyblades because, in the manga and anime series, the creature on the Gachi Chip actually lived within the Beyblade and would emerge during battle in the Beystadium.

Mangacore System

The Mangacore System Beyblades have a special feature: magnets. They have magnetic Weight Disks and spin gears designed to repel and attract opponent Beyblades.

Beystadiums build for the Mangacore System have magnetic attachments that change movements of Beyblades in the stadium.

Engine Gear System

Engine Gear Systems have the same general design as Basic System Beyblades. They have a Blade Base, a Weight Disk, an Attack Ring, and a Gachi Chip (though the Gachi Chip is called a Bit Piece); the parts are mostly plastic.

The main differences between the Basic System and the Engine Gear System are the upgrade from a Spin Gear to an Engine Gear, and the addition of a Turbo Winder.

The Engine Gear, of course, is the hallmark of the Engine Gear System. The Engine Gear is more sophisticated than the Spin Gear of previous models. Its purpose is to control the spinning and directional movement of the Beyblade.

The Turbo Winder is a wind-up feature for the engine core.

Engine Gear Types

There are four types of Engine Gears: Engine Gear, Turbo Engine Gear, Reverse Gear, and Gyro Engine Gear.

The Engine Gear comes standard with Engine Gear System Beyblades.

Turbo Engine Gears have a bigger Turbo Winder and have more power than the basic Engine Gear.

The Reverse Gear spins one direction while the rest of the Beyblade spins the opposite direction. This gear also has a larger Turbo winder.

Gyro Engine Gears are special in that they give the Bit Piece the ability to spin freely. This Beyblade is launchable with a ripcord rather than a launcher.

Heavy Metal System

The Heavy Metal System is the first Beyblade system to be comprised mainly of metal parts. Because of their heavier weight, spin velocities are one and a half to two times faster.

Heavy Metal System Beyblades have four parts: A Running Core, a Weight Disk, an Attack Ring, and a Bit Protector.

The Running Core is this system’s upgrade from the Engine Gear. However, it no longer controls direction. In this system, direction depends on the type of launcher used.

The Weight Disk is metal and round. This is different from six, eight, and ten-sided Weight Disks, which are plastic in older systems.

The Attack Ring has a dual-ring system. One ring is plastic, and the other is metal. The metal ring is connected to the inner workings of the Beyblade. The plastic ring connects to the metal ring and is more exterior to the Beyblade.

The Bit Protector has a purpose a lot like it sounds; it holds all of the separate Beyblade system components together.

Hybrid Wheel System

The Hybrid Wheel System released first in Japan before going international in 2010. Hasbro calls this the Performance Top System.

Sold under the Beyblade: Metal Fusion line, this system features new, intricate Beyblade parts. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Fusion Wheel, all parts in the Hybrid Wheel System are plastic.

Despite being mostly plastic, this system requires a wrench-like tool to assemble the Beyblade, which is a fun activity for a child. Adult supervision is needed to ensure proper assembly.

Later iterations of this system introduce interchangeable parts that are of higher quality.

Burst System

The Burst System is popular for its “burst” feature; once a Burst System Beyblade has taken enough hits during battle, it will burst apart.

This system is only contains three parts: a Performance Tip, a Forge Disc, and an Energy Layer.

The Performance Tip sits on the Beystadium floor and supports the other Beyblade parts.

The Forge Disc acts as the Weight Disk from earlier Beyblade systems, providing most of the Beyblade’s weight distribution and stabilization.

The Energy Layer is much like the Attack Ring from previous Beyblade systems. This Layer is the part of the Beyblade that attacks other Beyblades during battle.

What to look for while buying the best beyblades?

  • Design
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Size
  • understand the kinds of beyblade ( stamina, attack and defence)
  • Quality
  • Portability
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Speed

1. Takaratomy Beyblade Burst

Takaratomy Beyblade Burst

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Key Features
  • Interchangeable  top
  • Large stadium arena
  • 2 rip cords
  • Right & left launchers
  • Burstable features
  • Multi-player mode

This is the best Beyblade ever made to suit children within the 13-14 years of age groups primarily due to its fantastic features and extended functionality.

It can enable both multiple and single player modes allowing the users to test their gaming skills against other players which makes it the best beyblade ever.


Two flexible and lightweight  ripcords make it easy to spin even with a little spinning effort  and to launch it from both the left and right orientation.

It comes with  interchangeable top parts and two layers of energy. An additional feature that exists in Burst B-79 make it able to  take the form of a Beyblade app that can scan codes to provide numerous player combinations.

What we like about the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst

This best Beyblade is a left spinning, Stamina type, Burst System Beyblade. Though, you’ll never see it burst because it’s the strongest Beyblade burst. Let us tell you why.

This Beyblade is a Stamina type Beyblade, and it always spins to the left. It has rubber bumpers around its Energy Layer, allowing it to “spin steal” from right spinning Beyblades.

Spin stealing is when one Beyblade slows another Beyblade down by draining its energy and using it to speed itself up. Some of the best Beyblade in the world are able to spin steal.

This ability to spin steal is what makes the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst one of the top-winning Stamina-type Beyblades, beloved by best Beyblade fanatics. Those who own this Beyblade boast about never losing when battling with it, even when hand-spinning (launching with your hand, rather than a launcher).

This might be the best Beyblade burst in the world.

What we don’t like about the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst

For some reason, the Face Bolt on this best Beyblade is very loose and falls out repeatedly no matter how much you tighten it. Unless you speak Japanese, you can’t check the packaging and instructions for answers because they don’t come in English.

The launcher that comes with the Beyblade is tiny and weak. You can always hand spin or use a launcher from a different Beyblade. Children who are into Beyblades are likely to have an alternative launcher they could use instead. Still, it is a downer that a good launcher doesn’t come with your purchase.

The Performance Tip is on a spring due to the burst feature, which makes it push in and out; it can be annoying and affect the Beyblade’s performance. The pros recommend switching the tip out for a better part.


  • Rubber bumpers around the Energy Layer
  • Spin stealing abilities
  • Well designed Stamina type Beyblade
  • Highly rated by the best Beyblade experts


  • Japanese-only Packaging and Instructions
  • Loose Face Bolt
  • Weak Launcher
  • Springy Performance Tip

2. Takara Tomy BD145DS Beyblades

Takara Tomy BD145DS Beyblades

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Key Features
  • Hybrid Wheel System
  • Two launchers (left and right)
  • Engraved boot discs
  • 3 beys
  • Gold plated stadium
  • Enhanced kerbs
  • Stamina type Beyblade

It is the best beyblade in the world to buy because of its functional and convenient design that provides maximum comfort for kids of 7 years and above.

This most powerful beyblade burst comes in compact size and weight thus making it favorable for kids of 7-14 age groups.

It is enhanced with the Kerbecs double launcher (right & left), which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. Moreover,  three unique beys, make it possible to launch it at once or one at a time.

The coolest beyblade in the world has enhanced stadium that completely revitalizes the user’s experience. This  shiny gold color makes it even more appealing.

What we like about the Takara Tomy BD145DS Beyblades

This best Beyblade features Hades, the widest of all Hybrid Wheel System wheels. Hades is a great Balance Fusion wheel, offering even Defense, Attack, and Stamina features.

The Spin Track in this Stamina type Beyblade is a BD145, which means it is very wide, on top of having Hades, the widest wheel. The great width allows it to switch modes. The boost mode is very helpful for stamina during battles.

The performance tip is fantastic—a hollow tip with a spike that sticks out from the bottom. It keeps the Beyblade stable, but if the Beyblade is tipped even slightly, it will attack with no mercy.

What we don’t like about the Takara Tomy BD145DS Beyblades

The attack mode of the Spin Track is a little useless because if it loses balance it will easily spin out of control, leaving you open to attack.

The Performance Tip is an amazing Defense tip that performs well on the Beyblade, but unfortunately, it quickly wears down and needs replacement. Not a great feature for a children’s toy that they play with repeatedly for hours on end.

The paint easily chips off Hades and it changes colors from gold to gray. Going from bright gold to a dull gray is not exactly a plus for this Beyblade.


  • Hades Hybrid Wheel
  • Boost mode of Spin Track
  • Performance Tip style


  • Attack mode of Spin Track
  • Performance Tip wears down quickly
  • Paint chips off Hades

3.  Beyblades #BB113 JAPANESE Metal Fusion 

Beyblades #BB113 JAPANESE Metal Fusion 

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Key Features
  • Stamina-type
  • equipped with both anime & manga series
  • Light launcher
  • Metal wheeler
  • interchangeable from stamina type to attack type

It has a metal body that makes it durable and long-lasting. The product comes in retail packaging that includes a launcher. It has a simple strategy to collect it and battle all of them.

The best blade in the world appears in both manga and anime series which provides it an amazing functionality with a free-spinning gimmick.

This is actually a stamina-type Beyblade but has a special feature that helps it to change into attack mode.  It has

great balance in its operation due to its Eternal Defense Sharp (EDS).

What we like about the Beyblades #BB113 JAPANESE Metal Fusion

The BB113 has a free-spinning Fusion Wheel, which makes it an amazing Stamina type Beyblade.

This best Beyblade also has a metal frame with two modes: Stamina Mode and Attack Mode. The frame is durable and spins freely, offering even more stamina to the Beyblade.

The Fusion Wheel is extremely thin, which reduces the amount of contact it makes with other Beyblades and allows it to maintain its spin velocity.

The Performance Tip has fantastic balance, keeping the Beyblade steady during battle.

What we don’t like about the Beyblades #BB113 JAPANESE Metal Fusion

The Performance Tips sticks out a little further than it should, which causes it to get stuck at times, losing stamina. Overall, the tip is great for stamina, but it breaks easily, so the pros recommend having a backup.

The Fusion Wheel in Attack mode is not really helpful to anyone because while it packs pretty good attack power, is has very low attack potential.

This Stamina Beyblade is severely lacking in Defense and is vulnerable to attack due to the thin shape that benefits it in stamina. By our calculations, this puts it at the highest risk against Attack type Beyblades.


  • Awesome stamina
  • Thin, free-spinning Fusion Wheel
  • Great balance


  • Good attack power, but no attack potential
  • Tip breaks easily
  • Offers little defense

4. Takara Tomy B-73 Beyblade Burst

Takara Tomy B-73 Beyblade Burst

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Key Features
  • Strong and sturdy body
  • Great balance
  • Compact size
  • Functional design
  • No NFC chip

This strongest beyblade burst in the world has a pocket-friendly size and does not have an NFC chip.

It has an excellent balance that makes it spin perfectly. The sturdy body makes it last longer and enhance the durability of this product. Unique marks on it,  make it extremely hard to produce a copy of it.

This is the best beyblade in the world to buy.

What we like about the Takara Tomy B-73 Beyblade Burst

The shape of this Beyblade’s wings are perfect for achieving a successful early-battle Knockout Attack, and it can burst a weakened opponent with its Bound Layer later in battle.

This best Beyblade is heavier than earlier versions, giving it balance and burst resistance. It also has three layers of teeth in different lengths, making it capable of shredding an opponent.

The heavy Vortex frame allots this Beyblade high Attack potential.

What we don’t like about the Takara Tomy B-73 Beyblade Burst

While this best Beyblade may be heavier than earlier versions of itself, its Forge Disc is still not one of the heaviest or best as far as weight distribution is concerned.

This Beyblade has an interesting Performance Tip. It’s an automatic changing tip. It starts as a normal tip, midway through battle changes to a round tip, and at the end of the battle changes to a jagged tip. It does this automatically.

This seems like a very cool feature, but it’s buggy and doesn’t actually offer much benefit. You’d be better off with one solid, perfectly-performing tip that doesn’t change.


  • Amazing Attack Energy Layer
  • High attack potential
  • Difficult to counterfeit


  • Doesn’t have the best weight distribution
  • Automatic-changing tip feature is a letdown

5. Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-48 

Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-48 

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Key Features
  • Burstable features
  • 2 layers of energy
  • 2 rip cords
  • Interchangeable top
  • 2 launchers (left and right)
  • Plastic bey stadium arena

It is the the best beyblade ever made because of its functional and convenient design that provides maximum comfort for kids of 7 years and above.

This most powerful best beyblade burst comes in a compact size and weight thus making it favorable for kids of 7-14 age groups.

It is enhanced with the Kerbecs double launcher (right & left), which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. Moreover,  three unique beys, make it possible to launch it at once or one at a time.

The coolest best beyblade in the world has a plastic stadium arena that provides overwhelming experience to the user. This shiny gold color makes it even more appealing.

This device is extremely easy to operate.

What we like about the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-48

This best Beyblade is perfect for striking fierce attacks against your opponents in the Beystadium. Packed with attack features, its Energy Layer is named Xeno Xcalibur.

A long sword swaths across the Energy Layer and pokes out from the edge, giving this Beyblade the ability to deliver powerful Knockout Attacks and burst opponent Beyblades.

The Energy Layer also has several layers of teeth, allowing for vicious attacks and the ability to handle its recoil.

What we don’t like about the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-48

While the sword on the Energy Layer benefits the Beyblade in Attack power and potential, it drains the Beyblades stamina by making it heavier towards the sword’s point. The Beyblade tends to favor that heavy side, tilt that way, and lose rotational velocity.

It is very common for the sword’s handle and blade to break off and for the paint on the sword blade to chip in one of the molds Takara Tomy uses to make it.

The Performance Tip is a star-like shaped rubber tip. This tip does not offer good control. The rubber and plastic parts do not play well together. Its just not a good match.


  • Attack sword on Energy Layer
  • Attack teeth on Energy Layer


  • Manufacturing flaws in sword
  • Stamina Drain
  • Bad Performance Tip

6. Takara Tomy Beyblade BB-118

Takara Tomy Beyblade BB-118


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Key Features
  •  Durable
  • Top notch quality
  • Great stamina
  • Extremely stable
  • 4D Hybrid Wheel System

This is stamina type Beyblade which has both Metal Fury anime and manga series. This unique Bey blade is designed to control using a ball bearing.The strong machine in it offers incredible stability and great stamina.

It has an easy operation that resembles the Wolborg MS.  Hard metal shell adds to the durability of the device and makes it out last for a longer time period.

What we like about the Takara Tomy Beyblade BB-118

The ball bearings in this Beyblade give it enough stamina to spin freely for up to 7 minutes and 32 seconds. Now that’s Stamina!

Takara Tomy designed this Beyblade so well that even Hasbro couldn’t think of any improvements to make and released it without making any changes.

This best Beyblade has a 4D Hybrid Wheel wheel system. It is very durable and sturdy. The metal frame has two modes: Stamina Mode and Attack Mode.

The 4D Performance Tip has ball bearings inside that keep the Beyblade steady. This tip is what gives this Beyblade most of its Stamina.

What we don’t like about the Takara Tomy Beyblade BB-118

There’s nothing we don’t like about this Beyblade. In our opinion, this is one of the best Beyblade in the world.

It’s not often that we review a Beyblade that we have no complaints or constructive critiscm for, so this Beyblade must be really, really excellent because we truly have nothing negative to say. There are no downsides to this Beyblade.


  • Great stamina
  • Two modes
  • Fantastic tip


  • You might fall asleep waiting for it to stop spinning


7. TakaraTomy (Japan) 4D Metal Fusion Death

TakaraTomy (Japan) 4D Metal Fusion Death

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Key Features
  •  Perfect balance
  • Fast blade
  • Rubber Defense Flat (RDF) protected tip
  • 4D Hybrid Wheel System
  • Balance type Beyblade

The first Balance type Beyblade on our list is a really good one. The TakaraTomy 4D Metal Fusion Death combines everything you love about Defense, Attack, and Stamina Beyblades.

This best beyblades of all times have a tip that is protected with Rubber Defense Flat (RDF) material which enhances defense and attack system of the device.

It has a spinning top that represents the planet Venus and comes with a Stamina aptitude.  Fast-moving blades and perfect balance make it best choice for your young one.

What we like about the TakaraTomy 4D Metal Fusion Death

Combining stamina and defense aptitude with attack power, this Beyblade’s Performance Tip offers Rubber Defence Flat (RDF), providing a perfect balance of the main three types of Beyblades.

The metal frame has two modes: Defense Mode and Attack Mode. Defense Mode closes all the gaps in the frame and allows the Beyblade to hunker down if you will. The Beyblade can still use a grind attack while in Defense Mode, but it does not make fatal hits.

What we don’t like about the TakaraTomy 4D Metal Fusion Death

The metal frame’s Attack Mode is not super useful because it lacks in attack power. While in Attack Mode, the gaps in the frame are too large to make significant hits that do damage to an opponent.


  • Rubber Defence Flat Performance Tip
  • Two modes
  • Great balance


  • Attack Mode lacks power

8. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-149 GT Triple

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Key Features
  • Burstable features
  • Flexible wings
  • Strong body
  • Balance type Beyblade

It has an excellent balance that makes it spin perfectly. The sturdy body makes it last longer and enhance the durability of this product. Unique marks on it,  make it extremely hard to produce a copy of it.

This is the best beyblade in the world to buy. It is equipped with the wings that open during rotation, thus strengthening their centrifugal force.

It has a draw back that this is only compatible with Beyblade Burst product.

What we like about the Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-149 GT Triple

This is one Beyblade Burst that you will probably never get to see burst, at least not right away. Some have even gone so far as to call it “unburstable.”

It has stoppers on the inside tabs, which help hold the Beyblade together; this is why it almost never bursts. It would have to take a massive, and we mean massive, Knockout Attack to burst this Beyblade.

We know we said it earlier, but this also might be the best Beyblade burst in the world. If not, it’s certainly the strongest Beyblade in the world.

What we don’t like about the Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-149 GT Triple

When attacked, this Beyblade generates an extreme volume of recoil. This isn’t always a negative, but it is a lot of the time, depending on the outcome of the situation. It’s almost completely unpredictable. For this reason, we are listing it as a negative. It’s a wild card.

The stoppers that make this Beyblade relatively unburstable, unfortunately, wear down pretty quickly and actually have the opposite effect; they make this Beyblade extremely easily burstable. What makes things worse is that this Beyblade is only available for purchase in an expensive three-Beyblade set.

What awful luck to find the best Beyblade ever, but it breaks quickly and you can only repurchase it in an expensive set.


  • Unburstable
  • Great balance


  • Too much recoil
  • Poor quality burst stoppers
  • Only avalailable in three-Beyblade set

9. Poohjoy 130W2D Fight Master Metal

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Key Features
  • Spin top designed for ultimate defense
  •  2 different defense modes
  •  4D fusion wheel
  • Defense type Beyblade

This Beyblade is also referred as the antagonist of Metal Masters and comes with a launcher.

It has two unique modes;  Counter Attack and defense Mode.  This beyblade comes with mode changing capability. The base is supported with a W2D bottom which assists the blade to spin with stability.

It is the best beyblade burst in the world.

What we like about the Poohjoy 130W2D Fight Master Metal

As previously mentioned, this Defense type Beyblade has two modes. Of the two, Counter Attack mode is the most beneficial because it allows for the use of Smash Attack.

While this Beyblade has very poor balance, it’s great at bouncing off of surfaces and counter attacking after it has lost it’s balance. This Beyblade is a survivor. It will persevere through its adversities.

What we don’t like about the Poohjoy 130W2D Fight Master Metal

The Wide Wave Defence Performance Tip is a better tip than its predecessor. Still, it offers very poor balance to this Beyblade.

The Performance Tip becomes very aggressive as it wears down quickly, which may sound like a good thing, but it’s not. This does not benefit the Beyblade or its performance.


  • Counter Attack Mode
  • Bouncing back and counter-attacking after balance loss


  • Poor balance
  • Bad Performance Tip


How to get a beyblade?

Many online websites are selling beyblades, you can also buy it from amazon.

What is the strongest beyblade ever?

The majority of users agree that Galaxy Pegasis is the strongest Beyblade ever. They have remarked that this beyblade can compete any other beyblade.

What is the best beyblade in the world?

All of the above listed products are top ranked.

Are there beyblade performance tips for sale?

Yes, you can buy the tips separately in order to repair the previous one.



Beyblades have been a beloved children’s spinning top toy since their release in 1999. Today, twenty-one years later, these toys are bringing joy to a new generation of children.

And Beyblades are no less loved than they were by the previous generation; they are constantly sold out online and at toy stores. Demand is so great that there is now even a counterfeit market for Beyblade toys.

We hope you’ve found this guide both informational about the history of the best Beyblade toys and instructive regarding the best Beyblades to choose for the children in your life.

We’ve selected nine of the best Beyblades on the market for your review. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Grab your favorite product and let the gaming fun begin. If you enjoyed reading this article you may be interested in.