Top 13 Best Baby Foam Play Mat – Buying Guide 2021

baby foam play mat

Last updated on February 27th, 2021

One of the most important and basic accessory for an infant is the best baby foam play mat. Baby foam play mats perform multiple functions. Baby mats / rugs keep your child safe from any sort of harmful substances usually found on the floor.

It also provides crawling space free of any kind of hazards of bruising. Baby mats also improve various skills thanks to their intricate details and colour schemes. There is variety of baby foam play mats that the market has to offer.

We have compiled list of the best baby foam play mats. So the whole scoop is now just a single click away for you, have a look!

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Top 13 Best Baby Foam Play Mat

1. Yay Mats Baby Play Mat

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Yay Mat’s best baby foam play mat features an extra large size. This super soft ruggish play mat is also known for its non toxic foam covers.

The design and patterns on surface of this play rug for babies are extremely exquisite.
The large tiles in this best baby floor mat makes it easy for you pack it and carry it on the go which assures its portability. Furthermore, these waterproof mats for baby are waterproof.

The waterproof nature of this baby foam play mat makes this childrens play mat rug very easy to clean. You can easily get rid of any fluids without breaking a sweat.

So in case your toddler vomits or spills fluid on this, you can easily get rid of it. When this is fully assembled with other items the play area is around 6 ft x 4 ft.

The most important quality of this best play mat for toddlers is that it doesn’t lead to any reactions on your baby’s skin.

The material is extremely ideal for sensitive skin and the stylish foam play mat makes play hours extra amazing.

  • Waterproof
  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Exquisite design
  • Portable large tiles body
  • Ideal for sensitive baby skin
  • Assembles easily
  • Puncture resistant

2. Ashtonbee Baby Foam Play Mat

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This baby play mat foam features 36 foam floor tiles. Moreover, Ashtonbee’s baby care play mat also features a super thick and dense foam that doesn’t rip up easily.

Babies tend to play with the mat by striking it or inserting their hands into it. Most foam rugs for babies rip because of that very reason but this thick baby play mat is extremely resistant to that.

This is the best play mat for hardwood floors. This is one of the best alphabet floor blankets for babies. Babies can also learn various alphabets during play hours.

This soft tiles for playroom won’t cause any kind of harm on the toddlers skin
Furthermore, this baby play mat with sides has really bright colours to stimulate the toddlers brain development
Not only this baby mat for floor is amazing fore play hours but the sense on its sides also provides protection. Ashtonbee’s soft mat for babies is extremely portable as well.

  • Compact
  • 72″ x 72″ play area with a fence
  • Soft surface
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Bright attractive colors

3. Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Infant Play Mat

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As the name indicates this large baby floor mat ideal for infants. The animal extensions of toys hanging in this big baby play mat can help the Infant in learning animal names at young age.

The soft surface of this mat makes it the best baby floor mats for crawling. Furthermore this is a machine washable ruggish play mat. In addition to an amazing play are, this best baby foam play mat also features; a mirror and easy grip teether.

The toys can easily be removed to create space so don’t worry about that.

  • Machine washable mat
  • Easy grip teether and a mirror
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Large play room space
  • Attractive design and colours
  • Portable

4. Bammax Play Mat

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The waterproof and non toxic nature of this mat makes it one of the best foam floor mats for kids.
In case your child bites into things you don’t need to worry about this childrens play mat rug as it is extremely non toxic. This play mat is also foldable so it’s very portable and easy to store anywhere.

The two different sides of the mat feature various design and drawing.
The material used in this outdoor play mats for babies is PE protective film and XPE foam.

Bammax ‘s best interlocking foam mat provides a play area space of 77.5″ x 70″. This thick baby play mat also has a ruler on the side to measure the height of your baby as the time passes.

  • Large play space
  • Measuring ruler on the sides
  • 2 differnt designs on both sides
  • Non toxic material
  • Foldable
  • Easy to clean
  • Water proof

5. HAN-MM Baby Play Mat

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If you are in search for extremely large waterproof mats for baby this is exactly what you are looking for. Interlocking waterproof form is used in the manufacturing of HAN-MM baby pads for the floor.

Moreover, this baby soft play mat has the thickness of 0.56″ to avoid ripping. The pop-up additions in the mat are extremely beneficial for the infants brain development and imagination.

The mat is also waterproof and easy to clean. Furthermore this baby soft play mat’s vibrant colours are very attractive and go well with the decoration of the room.

  • Dense
  • Pop up toys
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Improves brain development and imagination
  • Non toxic
  • Portable

6. Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym

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This is a 4 in 1 portable baby play mat and gym. Infantino’s baby floor mats for crawling are twistable and include an interesting tropical style furnished with animals.
This is the ideal baby mat for hardwood floor as it’s very soft and it won’t cause any kind of discomfort for the child. Also, this childrens play mat rug is very economical and offers a lot in less price.

The monkey pop up also plays music which can keep the child entertained. This mat can be used for children up to 3 years of age and it’s very durable.

  • Economical
  • Unique tropical design
  • Twistable
  • 4 in 1 mechanism
  • Improves hand eye coordination
  • Foldable
  • Easy to carry

7. Partykindom Kids Play Rug

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This baby soft play mat by Partykindom as a non slip design to prevent any accidents. Various geometric shapes, colours, fruits, alphabets have been pasted on this big baby play mat. These intricate details help in curing the learning process.

Moreover, this baby mat for floor provides playroom of around 53.5 x 43.5 inch.

  • Large play room
  • Acts as a rug as well
  • Compact
  • Economical

8. JOYIN Carpet Playmat

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The intricate childish design looks extremely adorable with other items present in your child’s room.

This portable baby play mat will also provide you with vehicle set of 12 cars. It also acts as a floor blanket for babies and it’s also best for kids above the age of 3.

Furthermore, it’s a waterproof mat for baby so you can easily clean fluids off this.

  • Intricate and unique style
  • Non toxic
  • Extremely soft
  • Goes well with room decor
  • Waterproof

9. Play22 Keyboard Playmat

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This is the most interesting ruggish play mat in terms of design present on our list. The piano design is very attractive for kids.

You can also adjust the volume on this piano mat according to your choice. Its piano mat acts as a good stimulator for you child’s exercise and also keeps them happy at the same time.

The foam play mat tiles are foldable and provide maximum surface area. If you’re specifically searching for outdoor play mats for babies this should be your first choice.

  • Improves semantic skills
  • Great exercise stimulant
  • Adjustable volume mechanism
  • Comfortable material

10. Teytoy Baby Rug for Crawling

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Crawling on the floor can lead to various hazards as your infant can bruise his hands or knuckles.

Teytoy’s foam rugs for babies can be the best location for crawling babies. This extra large padded play mat provides comfortable space for crawling.

You can use this for a long time is it very durable and a thick baby play mat.

  • Compact
  • Stout
  • Comfortable
  • Cheap

11. Amy & Delle Kids Carpet Play mat

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This is the best baby foam play mat specially for boys thanks to its unique design. This children play mat rug comes handy when you don’t want your kids to play outside with cars.

Despite all the advantages this rug is very economical. This stylish foam play mat comes with a car set as well.

This can be used on this mat. The mat is durable and doesn’t rip easily even when the cars are ran on it.

  • Economical
  • Stylish car design
  • Provides extra toys for play time
  • Attractive colour combo
  • Lightweight
  • Provides 32″ x 60″ of play area

12. Splashin’kids Inflatable mat

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As name indicates is an inflatable mat for children. This best baby foam play mat improves motor skills and comes in a beautiful packaging.

This is an ideal outdoor play mats for babies and can be placed outside in the yard.

Moreover, this baby play mat foam comes with beautiful non-toxic bath water toys. This inflatable mat is around 26″ wide and 20″ tall.

  • Easily inflatable
  • Extremely ideal for foreign use
  • Portable
  • Improves motor skills

13. POCO DIVO Kids Play Mat

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This waterproof mat for babies features a traditional mat design with 6 vibrant colours.

These colours are extremely attractive for babies. Furthermore, EVA foam is used while manufacturing this mat.

This baby soft play mat is free of lead and meets the standards of the health department.

It covers around 9 SQ. FT. and the tiles of this best baby foam play mat are around 12″ x 12″ x 0.4″.

  • Visual Development
  • Attractive colours
  • Stimulates brain development
  • Meets health department
  • standards
  • Durable


Before purchasing a baby mat there are certain things that need to be make sure of as when it comes to your kids no risk should be taken.

Make sure that the brand you are purchasing from has no history of using toxic raw material.

As kids tend to chew up on anything around them. Chewing toxic mats can be very hazardous.

Secondly the durability of the mat you’re purchasing matters a lot. Durable mats last up to 4 to 5 years without any kind of puncturing.

Lastly, always prefer those mats that provide extra pop-ins such as toys etc. over the ones that lack these kind of accessories.

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