Top 7 Best Air Pistol for Target Shooting – Buying Guide 2020

If you get mesmerized by looking people hunting or if you are a big fan of John Wick! Then you should dive into the world of guns and consider buying a gun. Not a real one, rather a best air pistol for target shooting.

Air pistols/pellet guns are specific sort of  firearms that fire shots by compressed air or different gases that are pressurized mechanically without any chemical reactions. High power air pistols have been preferred due to number of reasons including the silent operational activity, accuracy, convenience, and compatibility; especially for beginners.

If you are willing to practice shooting in your backyard or go for a hunt, air guns are perfect for such activities and your neighbors wouldn’t be aware of what’s happening around. Especially .22 semi auto pellet pistol is accurate for target shooting and hunting.

Opting for a low quality and under performing air gun could be very disappointing. So, here are the top 7 best air guns that you should go for in order to fulfill all your desires.

Top 7 Best Air Pistol for Target Shooting – Buying Guide 2020

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Hatsan - Mod 25 Spring Supercharger
☞Incredible .22 pellet pistol

☞velocity of 450 fps.

☞XRS-Recoil Reduction System
4.0Check Price

Umarex Steel-Storm .177 Caliber BB Gun
☞flashlight, 15" length

☞Weight of 2.68 lbs

☞velocity of 430 fps
3.9Check Price

Benjamin Bulldog Bolt .357
☞5 shot magazine,

☞10 shots per fill,

☞bullpup configuration
5Check Price

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action
☞.22 calibers.

☞2240 bolt produces

☞460 feet per second
4.4Check Price

Daisy 426 co2 air pistol
☞velocity of 430fps

☞15 rounds in seconds

☞.177 calibers smooth smoothly,
4.5Check Price

Umarex Gaunlet  Air Rifle
☞magazines caliber in .177

☞13 cubic inch capacity

☞900 fps velocity
4.0Check Price

Colt Python Revolver .177 BB gun
☞involves a 6.875” barrel

☞two 10-shots rotatory magazines.

☞velocity of 410 fps
4.1Check Price

1. Hatsan – Mod 25 Spring Supercharger

Hatsan - Mod 25 Spring Supercharger



Incredible .22 pellet pistol semi auto supercharger comes with manual and automatic safety lock while having an impressive maximum velocity of 450 fps. Hatsan’s tech department runs an extensive amount of testing and to be exact, this velocity is 150 fps slower than the velocities shown on the Hatsan manual and website.

Some of the key highlighted features of this machine includes gold-plated trigger blade, 58 lbs. cocking effort, anti-bear trap mechanism, textured grips with finger grooves and thumb-rest, and break barrel.

This air gun is not only recognized for the unique look, MOD 25 incorporates “XRS-Recoil Reduction System” by Hatsan along with spring piston. So, if you want to feel an accurate and comfortable shooting experience, Hatsan’s supercharger is the best choice. It provides absorption of recoil during the shot due to the design of the sliding mechanism.

MOD 25 delivers maximum accuracy by mounting a scope or dot sight on the air pistol, making it a best air pistol for target shooting. Hence, you should be prepared enough to handle this little beast having extreme power with good downrange.

Customer Reviews

Customers have rated this incredible air gun a 5 star rating and it is recommended for target shooting, beginners as well as for hunting. This product has heist customer satisfaction in terms of durability and performance.


If you want to get yourself one then, you can click on the image or button to make the purchase. You can also get more reviews and additional products from our website as well.

2. Umarex Steel-Storm .177 Caliber BB Gun

Umarex Steel-Storm .177 Caliber BB Gun

CHECK PRICE,aps,1182&sr=1-1-dd5817a1-1ba7-46c2-8996-f96e7b0f409c&linkCode=sl1&tag=platon02-20&linkId=9efc3ec868b879abadbbb2ca6357327c&language=en_US

This .177 Caliber BB Gun is proven to be the best air pistol for target shooting. Steel storm is delivers 6-shot bursts in “full-auto” and single shots in semi-auto modes, while having a capacity of 30 shots along with 300 round reserves. This semi-auto air gun contains red dot sight on the top rail for additional accuracy and look.

Umarex Steel Storm is very much efficient and the most accurate air pistol for people who are fun loving and wants to practice hunting. This tactical air pistol has a velocity of 430 fps in single-shot mode and  it is equipped with two 12 g CO2 cartridges placed in the grip.

Steel storm is very much convenient and provides user friendly benefits such as easy switching between modes, compatibility, releasing cartridges for preventing gourd hitting. Some of its prominent features include a puncture screw, flashlight, 15″ length and Weight of 2.68 lbs

Customer Reviews

The owners of this product have shown a great satisfaction and loyalty for steel storm mainly due to the outrageous performance in comparatively less pricing. Most of the customers have rated this product 3.9 out of 5 which is a massive appreciation for a airgun of a lower class.


The perfect, accurate and full auto mode of this tactical air gun has proved to be effectual and on of a kind product and it is totally perfect for target shooting and hunting as well. So, if you want to buy this amazing product you can click on the button, picture or the name for the purchase process.

3. Benjamin Bulldog Bolt .357

Benjamin Bulldog Bolt .357

CHECK PRICE,aps,366&sr=8-1-fkmr0&linkCode=sl1&tag=platon02-20&linkId=c5ac337d5b95525e5e2dbba0667ff160&language=en_US

Hunting experience can be a whole new and exciting event due to the extraordinary  specifications of the bulldog bolt .357, such as six Nosler bullets, 10 shots per fill,  bullpup configuration, 5 shot magazine, baffle-less sound trap, reversible side lever bolt, and cleaning tool.

This bulldog is designed and equipped with the ideal craftsmanship to provide an extreme and synthetic feeling of a shooter to it’s owner.

If you want to go one step forward in the air gun realm then Benjamin bulldog is the air pistol you can go for, and which meets all your target shooting and hunting expectations. You need to have a bulldog with you if you want to step into the hunting arena with an air gun/air pistol.

Customer Reviews

Without any doubt customers have given a 5 star rating to this product and seems completely  satisfied with the outcome and performance due to streamlined and expected features like 10 shots per fill and 5 shots magazine.


If you are willing to go for hunting and improve your shooting skills then, Bulldog .357 can never be a disappointment or regret . The shooting capacity and high fps velocity with a lot of additional features makes it the perfect product.

4. Crosman 2240 Bolt Action

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action


Crosman bolt action air gun is that specific and unique gun which is only available in .22 calibers. 2240 bolt produces 460 feet per second (FPS) and it is powered by co2 which is provided by the 12g powerlet.

Crosman is designed in rifled steel barrel which provides spectacular power, delivery and accuracy. This rifle styled barrel airgun allows the consumer to modify and customize due to multiple variety of attachments such as rifle scopes, different sights, suppressors, and much more.

This crosman pellet gun pistol is remarkable for targeting shooting including plinking and striking small pests while the designing makes cocking and loading very convenient and the best air pistol for target shooting.

Framewok and body of 2240 bolt is crafted in a way to provide the shooter with a very comfortable and perfect hand grip for shooting/hunting along with a light body weight.

Customer Reviews

Majority of the customers have admired the steel breech of this gun as compared to the plastic ones. Comsumers have rated this product 4.4 out of 5 rating and seems pretty satisfied in terms of accuracy and performance.


2240 bolt crosman  is a perfect airgun if it had about the durability  and accuracy for target shooting. It also provide amazing accessories and open to modifications and the most powerful co2 pistol. You can check out further reviews and compare this product with others by clicking on image, Amazon button, or name.

5. Daisy 426 co2 air pistol

Daisy 426 co2 air pistol


The 426 Co2 air pistol by daisy is a semi-automatic air gun and capable of holding 15 bb, while providing fixed rear sight and front sight with blade ramp along with an accessory rail for additional look.

Daisy 426 is one of the best air pistol for target shooting as it is equipped with 12g co2 cartridges allowing the shooter to shot bb’s at the velocity of 430fps delivering 15 rounds in seconds in .177 calibers smooth smoothly, safely, and on spot.

This daisy BB gun pistol is very much efficient as it features a built-in magazine for easy reloading, and proves to be a perfect product for safe shooting practice for beginners as well as plinking.

Customer Reviews

Customer rated this effective and safe air pistol a rating of 4.5 as exhibits trust and complete satisfaction towards it in terms of accuracy and convenience for beginners, durability and quality, while consumers also recommend this product the best for backyard target shooting/practicing.


The overall performance and user friendly features of daisy 426 makes a perfect value for money deal for consumers who love playing with guns in their backyards and plinking. You can also get yours by clicking on the amazon button, image or product name.

6. Umarex Gaunlet  Air Rifle

Umarex Gaunlet  Air Rifle

CHECK PRICE,aps,370&sr=8-1&th=1&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=platon02-20&linkId=763554fac88355c998f6297727276066&language=en_US

Gaunlet PCP is an extremely impressive rifle and most accurate air pistol which provides powerful consistent shots.

One of the most highlighted features of Umarex air rifle PCP is the adjustable comb which provides an accurate and consistent shooting experience as the comb sets the cheek weld in line to the shooters requirements.

The gauntlet has 10 shot repeater interchangeable magazines caliber in .177 which delivers bold/rapid fire. It comprises of an in-removable tank having 13 cubic inch capacity which fills upto 3000 psi with an in built regulator to maintain gun pressure around 1100 psi.

This magnificent rifle air gun emits up-to 60-70 shots with 900 fps velocity in 2.2 caliber on a single fill and 1000 fps in .177 caliber making it one of the highest fps pallet pistol and the best air pistol for target shooting.

Customer Review

Consumers have rated this product


The amazing velocity of gauntlet is perfect for target shooting and hunting  and  the in-removeable tank and the adjustable comb are the spec that provides shooter with ease and comfort so if you are considering this product then you can make a direct purchase by clicking on the image, Amazom button or the name.

7. Colt Python Revolver .177 BB gun

Colt Python Revolver .177 BB gun


Colt Python .177 is an ideal air gun for you if you are a fan of classic revolvers as this is an accurate replica of colts. Python co2 is the best air pistol for target shooting because it involves a 6.875” barrel and two 10-shots rotatory magazines. Python and carries a comfortable textured grip with a colt logo along with adjustable rear sight and manual safety.

This 10-shot python let you fire BB’s and proving to be an extreme versatile air gun for various shooting environments. Colt .177 produces a velocity of 410 fps making it arguably one the most desired and most powerful co2 pistol in a revolver style.

One can be benefited by this handsome and classic air gun to maintain shooting accuracy, because of the grip embedded co2 capsules, light body weight. Python can be used  as a plinking as well as a target shooting pistol and can be owned in a rally affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Customers and owners of this product delivers a positive review and highlighted the impressive and effective features.  Specifications to maintain accuracy including weight, durability and design. Consumers have rated this product out 4.4 out of 5.


With the unique classic design and the impressive delivery power of this gun make it a value for money product. To get your classics co2 revolver, click on the image, name or Amazon button to make a direct purchase.

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Air Pistols are any type of guns that uses compresses air or gasses such as Co2 rather than burning of gun powder used in other guns to fire a projectile. Pallets or BB’s are usually the projectiles of the air guns.
BB guns usually ranges from below 10$. Low end BB guns are more likely to cost under 10$ and high end BB guns usually range close to 70$ -100$ and some of them might range above 100$.
BB and Pallet guns are very much similar but they mainly differ in the type of ammo they use. Despite of this fact Pallet guns are more accurate and have faster speed than BB guns. BB guns can fire at the rate 55 feet per second whereas, pellet guns fire at the speed of 1000 feet per second.