Best 8 Burner Gas Grills – Buying Guide 2021

Burner gas grill for your barbecue

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

Nothing can be compared to the joy of cooking with your friends while enjoying the lush green beauty of the lawn.

Picnics become all the more interesting as you share those juicy gossips about office flings and even discuss about Hollywood movie reviews while serving up culinary delights.

Coupled with 8 burner gas grills you can do all these and a lot more as these versatile cooking aids which cut down fuel costs with its usage of natural gas and liquid propane in most of the cases.

Today we are going to take a look at three best eight burner gas grills which can cater to your needs but first we are going to carry out a detailed discussion about the things to keep in mind while purchasing the same.

  • It won’t be wrong to say that a burner serves as the heart of the grill. Stainless steel burners are considered to be the best of the lot as they are crafted using perforated tube which provides blue light and last for long spans of time. Cast iron burners can also provide fire having desired level of power although they are prone to getting rusted pretty quickly. Tin burners found in simple grills usually end up rusting within just one year and might not also provide the desired quantum of heat. Last but not the least, infrared burners provide meat with a “heat shock” which makes its edges seem crunchy. However, it is not suited for delicate jobs as the meat might get dry and dark if you do not stop it in time.
  • Cooking area also serves as an important factor which determines the effectivity of the gas grill. Square inches or square cm is used for calculating the cooking area with the minimal requirement of 400 square inches to cater to the requirements of your family.
  • Heat transfer gets maximised coupled with cast iron grates. However stainless steel ones pave the path for hassle-free cleaning. You can also opt for some massive sized stainless steel grates which offer the best of both worlds in the form of good heat absorption and easy cleaning advantage.
  • Effective and uniform distribution of heat is the ultimate secret behind deliciously grilled food. Thus, you need to ensure the same as otherwise you might have to suffice with unevenly cooked meat and other items.
  • The weight of the lid has a big role to play in determining the effectivity of your barbeque. The heavier the lid, the better its cover will sit on the bottom of the grill. It also leads to better heat generation which can ultimately lead to energy savings.
  • The material construction of the grill is also extremely important in determining its longevity. Cast aluminium and stainless steel are the topmost recommendations when it comes to choosing a gas grill for outdoor usage. Cast aluminium as we all know is accredited for its stellar rust resistance and ability to distribute heat evenly. Aluminium castings also rank high in durability and come with long-drawn warranties.
  • Fat dropping onto the burners might cause occasional flare-ups. Thus, a robust fat drainage system is extremely important to maintain the effective functioning of the gas grill. While purchasing the same, you need to ensure that your gas grill has the option of emptying fats coupled with replaceable disposable bowls.
  • The worth of the manufacturer and the warranty provided by him also serves as pretty important considerations which can influence your buying decision. Instances are not rare of customers falling prey to manufacturers who stop production every now and then thus leaving users clueless about where to find replacement parts.

1. Stainless Steel Outdoor 8 Burner BBQ Propane Natural Gas Grill

With cooking counters becoming all the more compact, SD Grills has come up with a high quality 8 burner gas grill which has been crafted using 430 stainless steel.

Offering about 12000 BTU of power output per burner, total heat output of 96000 BTU is generated by this 57” gas grill.

You can use either natural gas or propane for operating this versatile cooktop and delighting all your house guests with your superb culinary skills.

This high-end rotisserie is accompanied by a powerful motor and a 36” skewer which join hands in paving the path for delectable barbeques.

The side tables can be folded down when not in use to benefit out of space savings.

The entire unit comes packed with an 8-zone barbeque grill and flame guards so that you can cook to your hearts content on those weekend brunches without having to worry about succumbing to any injuries.

Blue LED lighting is installed above each control knob to determine its status of operation.

The electronic ignition of the knobs also help in seamless functioning of the gas grill thus making it more user-friendly for all.



  • Comes with a free of cost canvas cover.
  • A year’s warranty is provided by the manufacturers.
  • Features three stainless steel cooking grates.



  • Unit is not very portable.

2. Commercial LP Gas Portable 8-Burner Event BBQ Grill

This heavy-duty unit is tailor made for commercial level usages in hotels, restaurants, construction sites, school & sporting events, annual reunions, fire & police stations, country clubs as well as picnics where you are expecting to cater to the voracious appetite of a big bunch of guests.

Total heat output of 116000 BTU is generated by this barbeque grill having 8 S/S 14500 BTU main burners.

You can thus serve up 126 hot dogs and 65 hamburgers at once without making your guests wait for too long to get their chance.

The side tables of this gas grill can be collapsed by locking it in. You can even place the fitted PVC cover over unit having slots for carrying handles which sticks out from each side.

The actual measurement of the cooking grates is 52”x19” whereas the side shelves provide about 1000 square inches of space for food preparation, serving and storage.



  • Features push button ignition.
  • Has an integrated foldable windshield.
  • Easy transportation guaranteed by the heavy-duty foldable cart.
  • 8 stainless steel burners each having a power output of 14500 BTU offer greater versatility in cooking.



  • Standard LP tanks used by the gas grill has to be purchased separately.

3. Royal Gourmet 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill

Those picnic sessions are now going to be much more fun coupled with the gas grill from Royal Gourmet featuring 8 stainless steel tube burners having maximum power output of 13000 BTU each which accumulates to a cumulative figure of 104000 BTU cooking power.

The supporting gas system comprises of 2 sets of regulators which paves the path for even and stable flames.

You can exercise your culinary aptitude on a cooking surface spanning 950 square inches comprising of ¼ inch diameter porcelain wire cooking grates which can help you in grilling 120 hot dogs and 60 burgers at once.

Your grilling also stands protected from environmental interferences courtesy the integrated folding windscreen.

A reliable spark is guaranteed with every single push by the electronic ignition system whereas the dual large capacity grease cups positioned underneath the firebox impart greater longevity to the gas grill.

Cleaning the device also becomes a cakewalk coupled with the draw-out oil catch pan while the two different levels of heavy-duty shelves cater to your storage woes.



  • Extremely easy to assemble.
  • Offers the flexibility of cooking an array of food items at once.
  • Easier to clean up than its contemporaries.
  • Sturdy gas grill which can take on heavy duty usage.



  • Does not feature any lid thus causing everything getting near it to end up in the grill.


Cookware companies are trying to retain their market stronghold by coming up with new and innovative means of making food taste delicious.

The brilliant example of burner gas grills which function in a manner similar to a barbeque grill stands out as a valiant example of this ground-breaking wave.

Companies are also targeting the fact that cooks often miss out on discussions with their family members while cooking meals for them.

They are thus targeting to fill in this lacuna by making cooking more fun and all-inclusive.