Top 10 Best Cheap Projectors Under $100

Your home entertainment gets super-sized, and the class concentration gets doubled when a good projector projecting your memories. With a projector that is a combination of technology and utility features, you can always see the memories better and more expressive. May it be for home entertainment or projection of your memories, a projector is always a sought after device.

Here is crisp information on a set of 10 best cheap projectors under 100 dollars.

Meyoung TC80$$
RAGU Z400 $$
Hausbell Mini Projector$$
ELEPHAS LED Movie Projector$
Ohderii Mini Projector$$
Weton Mini Projector$
Dinly Mini Projector$
Xinda Mini Porjector $$
Abdtech Mini Projector$

1. DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector

Being a mini projector as per size, this device exhibits about 50% brighter display in comparison to other projectors in the market. The innovative cooling technology with heat dispersion helps in cutting down the noise by about half. You can connect your phone hassle free with the help of the wireless HDMI dongle. Aren’t these features smart enough to prove you to be smarter among your group of guests?

2. Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector

The MEYOUNG TC80 mini projector is designed to suit all your home entertainment needs that too in a very sleek and portable structure. Any HDMi enabled device gets easily connected and ready for projection. This can also be used as projecting music, pictures, videos flawlessly from any smartphone of this era. The resolution of this model ranges to 800X480 (native), a throw screen range of 50-130 inch is the best option for projection in a considerably smaller space.

3. RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector

This cute yet highly efficient portable projector stands firm in this category. The highly portable design and light weight makes this projector a hit among its users. You can take it anywhere you like and stat projecting out what you want. The excellent combination of an ultra big screen of 50-131in with 5-13ft projection distance brings it into the first position among others in the group. The great cooling feature of this Ragu video projector also emits less noise because of it being more advanced and developed. This device is HDMI port, USB port AV/TV port, SD card Slot and 3.5 mm audio jack.

4. Projector, Hausbell Mini Projector Portable Video LED Projector

This is going to be an awesome selection for the one who is a complete movie buff, since the features it houses are something that is simply enviable. The industry leading technology and superb customer support that remains unmatched in the category. This device gives outstanding projection quality in complete darkness but can be a compromise in quality in bright room. It has a resolution of 800X600 native up scaling to 1920X1080. Wherever you want the projection to be you can very easily carry it with you due to it being super light and highly portable in nature. The projector also takes care of your eyes since the LED light design emits soft output light that is less stressful on bare eyes even.

5. ELEPHAS LED Movie Projector

This is again another projector that you cannot omit when you are actually listing the top 10 best projectors. The picture quality of this model from ELEPHAS is actually excellent which ranges from 50-130 inches and projection distance of 4.95-13.12 ft. This device is also designed to connect to a large variety of input options which brings in another level of excellence in home viewing with friends and family. This device is also environment friendly as well as is a low power consuming and durable one in its category.

6. Ohderii Mini Projector 1800 Lumens Projector

This mini projector from Ohderii is a very trendy and feature packed device very well within your budget satisfying all your needs in a projector. May it be an outdoor movie show or a family indoor party, the portability factor of this device helps you rock the environment thoroughly. Unlike other projectors in the market this model comes with a 4.9 feet long AC power cable which provides extra concern in terms of safety measures.

7. 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Video Projector

The very compact and portable design 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Video Projector is a must possession for every entertainment lover.  The outstanding picture quality also sets a benchmark in the field of video projection in today’s world. You can also adjust the picture size from 40-150 inch. An enhanced projection distance of 3.28-11.6 ft makes this particular model from Lumens a bestseller in its category. The projector is advanced enough to connect to DVD/PS3/Xbox/ TV box via HDMI input and give you a seamless movie watching experience through any output medium.

8. Projector ,2017 Dinly 130″ LCD Portable Video Projector

Here is another projector which you would surely boast upon just because of its smart and ravishing looks. The trendy white yet portable projector is not at all a compromise in feature and quality in the market. It exhibits 60% brighter projection than all other device in the market. The 5 input options make this gadget a more impressive one among the movie buffs. Even you can connect your smartphone/ iPad to the projector with help of the wireless HDMI dongle. This is sure to be a perfect buy if only home entertainment of some different level is what in your mind actually.

9. 1500 lumens Projector with Free HDMI 176″ Screen

The best and the most favourable thing about this projector device is its picture quality. The projector combines a built-in-lens design which prevents lens passive electro static dust pollution. This particular model is equipped with a resolution range of 800X480RGB and supported by 1080P, 720P, 576P and 480P which is absolutely perfect for home theatre movies as well as video gaming.

10. Abdtech Mini LED Multimedia Home Theater Projector

High fidelity images with enhanced image focusing function is something that gets you attracted to this particular projector from ABDTECH. Expect a crystal clear picture quality from 1 to 3 meters away with this device since it is aptly equipped with 1200 lumens LED luminous efficiency/ 1000:1 contrast/ 800X480 HD. The most unique feature that this model takes pride in are the built-in speakers for all round thrilling cinema experience.

These above mentioned list of top 10 projectors under $100 is a well researched list that is sure to help you as a guide in selecting the best suitable product within your range.